Vlad Gorshkov, Director

I grew up with one foot in Russia and the other in the U.S. For me, founding Crossroads Eurasia was a way to get students out of the classroom to experience modern Russian society. Having visited 34 countries, I consider myself an eager and experienced traveler, and it is a pleasure for me to watch others discovering new places and meeting new people. LinkedIn profile.

Martina Bozadzhieva, Co-founder

Living, working, and studying in a different country can a life-changing experience, as it was for me. In co-founding Crossroads, I wanted to give students studying Russian an opportunity to benefit from such an experience and to create the life-long friendships that enrich how we understand and relate to a country like Russia. Currently, I lead the EMEA research team at Frontier Strategy Group, an emerging markets consultancy. LinkedIn profile.

Daria Prokhorova, Head of Participant Recruitment and Support

I participated as an intern in the Crossroads 2013 summer program and am thrilled to now be part of the team. After graduating from the University of Virginia in 2013, I moved to Prague, where I taught English for two years and had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. Currently, I am based in Williamsburg, Virginia and plan to enter an Anthropology PhD program next year, focusing on the role of media in the construction of post-Soviet memory.

Milana Furman, Voronezh City Coordinator

My full-time work focuses on managing a Voronezh-based non-profit that promotes international volunteering among young Russians and organizes programs that bring them together with international students living in Voronezh. I've been doing this for years. I was delighted when Martina and Vlad approached me to host Crossroads Eurasia interns in Voronezh, as not many Americans or Britons make it here.

Tatiana Zakharova, Ryazan City Coordinator

During the school year, I am a social studies and English language teacher at a local private school that promotes creativity and critical thinking among its pupils. I love international exchange and volunteering programs, and besides Crossroads, I help to set up local events, such as music festivals, that encourage young people to travel and visit Ryazan.

Elena Lyapina, Nerekhta city coordinator

Hello! My name is Elena. I'm a teacher by profession and for a long time worked in Moscow (with a stop in California along the way), eventually settling in beautiful Nerekhta where my husband and I manage the International Youth Center. Our summer camps unite internationally minded children and adults who bring a positive attitude and want to do something good for others. It's a truly wonderful atmosphere that I hope you can be a part of it. See you in Nerekhta!

Our team

Crossroads Eurasia was co-founded in 2009 by Vlad and Martina, two eager travelers and current professionals in Russia-related fields. They work closely with in-country partners with years of experience hosting international volunteers to create safe and highly personalized summer internship programs in Russia for native-English speakers.

About crossroads eurasia

If you want to use Russian in your future career, you need proof that you speak the language and understand modern Russia. For that, you must spend time in the country, even if you are a heritage speaker.

Every summer, we help 10 - 20 undergraduate students invest in their careers by organizing for them internships with Russian organizations. The experience is very immersive, providing language practice, a personal perspective on what modern Russia is like, and a resume-worthy work experience.

Our alumni go on to do great Russia-related work in the policy, business, and NGO communities, and we are proud to say that one in ten is a Fulbright scholar. The Crossroads Eurasia program was a key stepping stone on their road to success. We hope that it can be the same for you.