Why you'll love it 

"Crossroads is great for those whose goal is to learn via exposure. As you are placed in provincial Russia, your language skills increase very quickly and you see Russia in the truest sense (as opposed to a Westernized experience in Moscow or St. Petersburg)."

Blake A. (Georgetown University)

Imagine spending time in Russia — working, living, and relaxing with locals. A Crossroads Eurasia internship puts you at a Russian company and in a provincial city, so you are immersed in the language and Russia’s day-to-day the whole time. It's a combination designed to keep you learning, as you build your resume.  

internships in Russia 

Don't just study Russia. Live it!

  • An extra-ordinary adventure  
  • Resume-worthy work experience 
  • Relaxed vibe of a provincial city
  • All-day Russian practice + language tutor  
  • Meet Russians your age
  • 24-hour support from local coordinator 
  • Alumni network