A day in the life of a Crossroads Eurasia Intern

A Crossroads Eurasia internship is about getting out of the classroom and discovering Russia on your own terms  

The cultural exposure is unforgettable - not only do you get to do all sorts of Russian things, but you get to do them with people your age, their friends, and their friends. It could get difficult at times being one of less than a dozen Americans within the surrounding hundred miles, but in the end, that was part of the grand beauty I experienced.

Dana H. (Sewanee University of the South)

An experience worthy of your resume

Don't miss the fine print. Would you consider one day per week a real work experience? No, us neither, but that's what passes for "internships" elsewhere. 

A bona fide work experience. You are at work every workday. You get to know your Russian co-workers. Your responsibilities are arranged in advance, not the day of. You have a manager and you get feedback.

In a competitive job market, this matters. Join an extraordinary group of alumni that includes Fulbright scholars, diplomats, and researchers, just to name a few.   

Ready to go? Check out your options.  


Classroom study is only one way to learn about Russia. And it is expensive! Those summer courses will set you back thousands!  

Get a better deal. Imagine spending your entire time around Russians, working with them, living with them, hanging out with them. Experience the real thing, not read about it in a stuffy classroom in Moscow.  

Keep your costs low, very low. Take away that classroom and you're down to as little as 150 dollars per week low, including food and housing. Don't believe us? Look at the costs page.  

Russians you can actually relate to

Discover today's Russia, not yesterday's. Spend time with people who are up for an episode of Game of Thrones (dubbed in Russian, of course) or listening to some music.  

Make a personal connection. At your homestay, at work, and during your free time, you are with people you can relate to. Ask them anything. Experience what they experience.  

Improve your Russian. Pick up the little gems that make Russian flow. The point of learning Russian to actually use it. Who cares if it's not perfect?! 

Get Away from Moscow and St. Petersburg

See the Russia that doesn't get the spotlight. Only 8% of Russians live in Moscow, but they hog all the attention. Leave the biggest cities and you begin to appreciate how diverse Russia is, in its landscape, people, and thought. 

A place you can actually get to know. Ryazan, Voronezh, or Kostroma, are our picks. They are well connected but still have their provincial charm. You will be a welcome guest.

Independence, adventure, support

Get a taste of the future. What will you do after graduation? If you're thinking of working overseas, use this experience as a test run.  

Trust yourself and embrace the adventure. We know it seems scary to venture so far. But trust yourself. Russia is safe and you can navigate it more easily than you think.  

We've got your back. It's a new experience for you, but not for us. We've guided dozens of people through it and will be watching out for you.