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Quick facts

Location: Nerekhta (Kostroma region)

Key characteristics: rural, small town

Internships offered: Camp counselor

What can I do there?

We offer one type of program in Nerekhta -- camp counseling. It is offered by the International Youth Center, a local center for recreation, education, and sport. During the summer months, it runs a series of immersive and tremendously popular English-language summer camps, centered on daily interaction with native English speakers. As a camp counselor, you will be responsible for supervising children's day-to-day activities.

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I am responsible for the international work of the International Youth Center and will be looking after you when you are our guest. You will find working with us incredibly rewarding. The Russian camp counselors, often university students, are hugely enthusiastic. And the children are a joy to work with. I hope that you will choose us for your summer experience. We look forward to welcoming you in Nerekhta!

- Elena Lyapina, Nerekhta City Coordinator

where is it?

Nerekhta is about 250 miles to the northeast of Moscow. However, we only ask that you get to Moscow. We will coordinate with you and our representative will meet you at the airport in Moscow. After that, you will travel together to Nerekhta. The trip involves an overnight train to Kostroma and a bus ride to Nerekhta. 

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Working in Nerekhta ended up solidifying my decision to invest in Russian for the rest of my college career. At the time, I only had two semesters of Russian and I ended up skipping an entire year once I returned. Both the counselors and campers were eager to befriend the English-speakers and teach us plenty of Russian words that you wouldn't learn in a classroom. Overall, it was a great program -- especially for the cost -- and I saw more of Russia than I did on my formal study abroad program in Russia later on.

- Kasia K.  (George Washington University)

Spending a month in Nerekhta allowed me to improve my Russian skills and to see a different side of Russia. Even though I had only studied Russian for one year , I felt right at home. Making new friends, experiencing Russian culture, teaching great students, improving your Russian, seeing a different side of Russia - that's what this program is all about. Moreover, Crossroads Eurasia is a family. I still keep in contact with fellow volunteers as well as the coordinators. Nothing but good things to say.

-  Nick A. (Georgetown University)

Nerekhta (Kostroma region)

Nerekhta is a small town of about 25,000 near the city of Kostroma, a stop on the stunning Golden Ring about 250 miles to the northeast of Moscow. A cozy and sleepy community, Nerekhta is also home to an extraordinary center for youth recreation, education, and sports and the host of our camp counselors -- the International Youth Center.

During the summer months, the center draws children from across the region to its immersive English language camps, creating an international microcosm in the heart of rural Russia. It is truly an unforgettable experience.  We recommend the internship option in Nerekhta to anyone looking for a friendly and structured environment or a low-cost way to spend quality time in Russia.