Quick facts

First mentioned: 1095 AD

Population: Around 520,000

Summer weather:

Avg daytime temp:25 C (77 F)

Sunny days: 19 per month

Daylight hours: 15 to 17 hours

Total rainfall: 6 cm per month

Internships offered: Teaching English

city coordinator

Hello, my name is Tatyana and I oversee the Ryazan program. During the school year, I teach social studies and the English language at a local private school. Teaching is a passion of mine, and I enjoy seeing students think critically and creatively. I look forward to welcoming you to Ryazan, my beautiful hometown. It has so much to share. I'm sure that you will love it. 

- Tatiana Zakharova, Ryazan City Coordinator

How do I get there?

You won't need to get to Ryazan on your own. We will meet you at the airport in Moscow and will go there together with you. That said, the city is about 120 miles to the southeast of Moscow (see map below). To get there, it's about a three hours trip by car or by train.  


Ryazan is as beautiful as it is inspiring. Over one thousand years old, the city is an important cultural, educational, and economic center located just to the southeast of Moscow. Remember Pavlov and his dogs from your psychology class? He was one of the city's famous residents. Maybe you also know Sergei Yesenin (hint: a famous Russian poet). He lived there as well.

Ryazan is a city that is aware of its heritage. Walking the streets, you see newly built high-rises that reflect the city's drive towards modernity. But these mingle easily with the stone and wooden city of the past. Generous parks and gardens give Ryazan an airy feel, with the majestic Ryazan fortress above the Oka River at the center of it all.