Day-by-day, I am a full-time social studies and English language teacher at a local private school. Teaching is a passion of mine, and I enjoy helping students along the learning process, to see them thinking critically and creatively. As difficult as this process can be, I find it tremendously rewarding. I look forward to welcoming you to Ryazan, my beautiful hometown. It has so much to share, and I'm sure that you will love it as well. 

- Tatiana Zakharova, Ryazan City Coordinator

Ryazan was a wonderful city and the fact that my host was a girl my age really gave me an authentic, fun experience. It was very easy to join her and her friends in going out to bars, plays, to the circus, etc. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone. It's about as authentic as you can get if you really want to experience the Russian culture.

- Olga K.  (Northwestern University)

Teaching English in Ryazan was not just a chance to teach. It was an unforgettable look into the real world of Russia and its wonderful people. The cultural exposure is unforgettable - not only do you get to do all the Russian-like things you would expect, such as banyas and camping trips, but you get to experience it with people your age, their friends, and their friends. It could get difficult at times being one of less than a dozen Americans within the surrounding hundred miles, but in the end, that was part of the grand beauty I experienced.

-  Dana H. (Sewanee University of the South)

Quick facts

Location: Ryazan

Key characteristics: Regional center, easy-going, culture, history

Internships offered: Teaching English

where is it?

Ryazan is just over 100 miles southeast of Moscow. However, we only ask that you get to Moscow. We will coordinate with you and our representative will meet you at the airport. After that, you will travel together to Ryazan, likely by car. The drive takes two to three hours, depending on traffic. 

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alumni feedback

city coordinator


Ryazan is as beautiful as it is inspiring. Over one thousand years old, it is an important cultural, educational, and economic center located just to the southeast of Moscow. Remember Pavlov's dog? He was one of the city's famous residents. Maybe you know Sergei Yesenin (hint: a famous poet). He lived there as well. Culture, history, spirituality are all reflected in the city's architecture, lifestyle, and social life, all available to be experienced and explored during your stay. 

We recommend internships in Ryazan to individuals who are looking for a close-knit community, flexibility with regard to day-to-day program arrangements, and a place to explore Russian history and culture. 

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