Cost, Duration and Timing

The dates are approximate and will be confirmed with you individually after your acceptance. We have some flexibility with regard to the timing and duration. If the dates above conflict with your plans, please let us know during the interview.

Costs include accommodations, meals, and in-country travel. They exclude the cost of travel to Russia, visas, and insurance. For a full overview of program costs, please visit our costs page.

Alumni feedback

Quick facts

Key characteristics: Highly immersive, flexible

Best for: Heritage speakers, advanced to intermediate speakers

Location: Ryazan, Voronezh

Duration: 1 month or 1.5 months

Start dates: click for details

Cost: $1,250 or $1,450

My Crossroads Eurasia trip was a wonderful way to strengthen my experience teaching English to non-native speakers. The six weeks that I spent in Ryazan was a good combination of cultural experience, teaching exposure, and freedom to explore! The support for resident Americans was steady and thorough and the students were friendly and eager to learn. Additionally, my host family was wonderful and outgoing. As I seek to become a teacher of English someday, this was an invaluable experience.

- Linda K.  (Sewanee University of the South)

My experience was honestly one of the best experiences of my whole life. I had a wonderful hostess who became like a sister to me. Outside of class, there was plenty of time to explore Ryazan'. The Russians we met are some of the nicest and most genuine friends I've made.  I was also fortunate to go on a camping trip with some of my friends to a lake. If I could, I would go back to Russia and teach English and do it all over again. It was a truly worthwhile and amazing experience.

-  Alex A. (University of Florida)

Where are these internships offered?

Teaching English

In teaching English with Crossroads, you will experience Russia in a way that few foreigners do.

Located in one of two regional centers (Ryazan and Voronezh), our teaching internships will show you the warm, welcoming, and down-to-earth side of Russia that you are unlikely to find in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Through this program, you will see where people live and how they live, and you get to experience with them their day-to-day challenges and joys. 

The teaching program is very flexible and highly immersive, so you will practice your Russian a lot and in many different circumstances. We recommend it to heritage speakers, and those students who have intermediate to advanced levels of Russian. On a resume, this work experience puts you in a different league relative to your peers. You will find it increasingly unnecessary to prove mastery of the Russian language and depth of interest in the region. 

No prior teaching experience is required.

What will I be doing?

The teaching internship is highly adaptable and can be aligned to your personal goals, interests, and skills (e.g. if you are a heritage speaker and would like more flexibility). You can make the program as immersive as you like. 

Your day-to-day tasks will revolve around English lessons. These will focus on improving your students’ mastery of English through formal teaching and interactive activities. Whether you are assigned to teach on your own or work as a teaching assistant will depend on the host organization. However, this can also usually be adjusted based on your comfort level and skill.

In any case, you will be working with several groups at the same time. Your students will vary in age and ability from those who know a few words to those who can hold a conversation. Groups will be small, maximum 10 people or so, and classes will focus on language mechanics and thematic topics with a natural focus on conversation and vocabulary. The hosts will encourage you to incorporate your personal interests into your lessons. 

Individualized coaching and supervision by full-time professional teachers will help you learn teaching methods, plan your lessons, and manage your classrooms, and teaching materials will be available for you to use. The extent of the coaching differs, depending on the host organization, so if this is very important to you, let us know.

Sample day

The internship is part-time (i.e. 20 hours per week). A weekly work schedule may resemble the following:

Monday:          Morning, 1.5 hours (excluding prep), advanced teen group
                         Afternoon, 1.5 hours (excluding prep), adult group
Tuesday:         Morning, 1.5 hours, beginner teen group
Wednesday:   No classes. Preparation and free time
Thursday:       2 hours, informal discussion group
Monday:          Morning, 1.5 hours (excluding prep), advanced teen group
                         Afternoon, 1.5 hours (excluding prep), adult group

Where will I be working?

Teaching internships are offered by private foreign language academies (e.g. Global House in Ryazan). These organizations each have a core group of 5 to 30 or so teachers and offer instruction in several languages to both children and adults. For the children and teenagers, the classes are a supplement to what they are learning in school.  For adults, the lessons are a chance to brush up on language skills for work or for travel.

Most importantly, these academies each foster a community of internationally-minded, curious, and creative individuals. The warm and friendly atmosphere will carry well beyond the classroom, and you will find no shortage of people who are keen to help you discover their host city. Spending time with them will be one of the most rewarding parts of your summer. It goes without saying that your language skills will improve tremendously. 

What qualifications are required?

  • Native or native-level English speaker (required)
  • At least intermediate Russian (required)
  • International travel experience (recommended)
  • Experience teaching or tutoring (recommended)

Where will I live?

English teacher interns are placed with host families.

Our host families are thoroughly vetted during the application process and the overwhelming majority have hosted international guests in prior years. There is a high likelihood that you will be included in their evening or weekend plans, giving you tremendous exposure to Russian day-to-day life and chance to speak Russian.

Your host family will provide you with most meals, a big expense otherwise. Although you are free to eat out as well, we encourage you to share your meals with your hosts. Dinner table conversations offer insight into your hosts' lives and, as such, are unique experiences in and of themselves. 

Most importantly, your host family will be a big part of your support network. They will give you advice and guidance about your host city and its people. They will also help you if there is ever a need. At least one member of your host family will speak English, just in case.