What will I be doing?

The translation internship is highly adaptable and can be aligned to your personal goals, interests, and skills (e.g. if you are a heritage speaker and would like more flexibility).

The main objective of your day-to-day work will be to translate text from Russian to English and proofread text translated by your Russian colleagues. Your host company's clients expect it to deliver grammatically correct and natural sounding translations, and your help in this effort will be greatly appreciated.

The specific assignments will vary, depending on the workflow of the company at the time of the internship. They may be large projects, involving several people working over the course of several days, such as translating website content or a company's marketing materials, or one-offs, such as bank statements and passports. Indeed, the work can be unpredictable; one alumnus was even asked to do an English voice-over for an ad campaign.

Sample day

These internships are part-time (i.e. 20 hours per week) and the hours are 100% accommodative. 

Where will I be working?

Your host will be LivestockLink, a translation agency located in Voronezh. The company offers translation and interpretation to/from Russian from a number of different languages, and its aim to support seamless partnerships between local companies and overseas partners. The company has a strong focus on the agricultural sector (a key contributor to the Voronezh economy), but this focus is not exclusive. Your work will not be sector-specific. 

The company has about 15 staff, a flat organizational structure, and an easy-going vibe. You will have no trouble getting to know your colleagues and the people who run the company.


  • Native or native-level English speaker (required)
  • Excellent writing skills in English (required)
  • International travel experience (recommended)
  • Heritage speaker or advanced Russian fluency (required)

Where will I live?

Translation interns are placed with host families.

Our host families are thoroughly vetted during the application process and the overwhelming majority has hosted international guests in prior years. There is a high likelihood that you will be included in their evening or weekend plans, giving you tremendous exposure to Russian day-to-day life and chance to speak Russian.

Your host family will provide you with most meals, a big expense otherwise. Although you are free to eat out as well, we encourage you to share your meals with your hosts. Dinner table conversations offer insight into your hosts' lives and, as such, are unique experiences in and of themselves.

Most importantly, your host family will be a big part of your support network. They will give you advice and guidance about your host city and its people. They will also help you if there is ever a need. At least one member of your host family will speak English, just in case.


The translation internship will be as close you will come during your student career to actually working in Russia.

Located in Voronezh, this internship will put you to work at a local translation agency, where you will assist with translation and proofreading. Working together with Russian colleagues and living with a host family, you will be relying on your Russian in every day-to-day interaction.

The translation internship is highly flexible and highly immersive. We recommend it to heritage speakers and those with a high degree of fluency. Whether you aspire to be a translator or just want to perfect your language and regional knowledge, this experience is like no other. A resume with a summer translation position leaves no doubt about your Russian fluency and interest in the region, putting you at the head of the pack for the most competitive positions.

Cost, Duration and Timing

The dates are approximate and will be confirmed with you individually after your acceptance. We have some flexibility with regard to both timing and duration. If the schedule below conflicts with your plans, please let us know during the interview.

Costs include accommodations, meals, and in-country travel. They exclude the cost of travel to Russia, visas, and insurance. For a full overview of program timing and costs, please visit our costs page.

Alumni feedback

Working with Kristina, Katya, and Anna was absolutely fantastic, and the work was different every day, allowing my Russian to improve tremendously. I was also able to travel to surrounding cities on weekends and explore different attractions around Voronezh in my spare time. My host family (who were more like host friends :D) was so nice; it was a blast hanging out with them. My summer in Voronezh is certainly not one I will soon forget!

- Kailey K.  (Drexel University)

I have participated in a number of work and study programs in Russia, and Crossroads is by far one of the best. The experience has given me a great jumping-off foundation for further travel and work in Russia and other post-Soviet states. The work itself was fun and left a lot of room for flexibility and creativity. The program is well-executed, and the staff is extremely friendly and supportive at every stage of the process.

-  April G. (Georgetown University)

Where are these internships offered?

Quick facts

Key characteristics: Flexible, highly immersive

Best for: Heritage speakers, advanced speakers

Location: Voronezh

Duration: 1 month

Start dates: Click for details

Cost: $2,300

Notes: Fluency or advanced level of Russian is required for this position.