Quick facts

Founded: 1584

Population: Around 1 million

Summer weather:

Avg daytime temp:27 C (82 F)

Sunny days: 21 per month

Daylight hours: 14 to 16 hours

Total rainfall: 3 cm per month

Internships offered: Teaching English, translation

How do I get there?

You don't need to worry about getting to Voronezh on your own. We will meet you at the airport in Moscow and will go there together with you. That said, the city lies south of Moscow (about 350 miles) (see map below). To get there, you will travel by overnight train, arriving early in the morning. The train journey itself is a highly memorable and truly Russian experience.

My full-time work focuses on managing a non-profit that helps young [Russians] find volunteering opportunities in other parts of Russia and other countries and to connect with international students studying in Voronezh; we have many universities here! I am delighted to welcome you to our city and to give you a chance to meet people and explore.

- Milana Furman, Voronezh City Coordinator


Voronezh is a typical example of a fast-developing regional center that has retained an honest and down-to-earth provincial character. Founded in 1584, the city is home to just over one million inhabitants -- the 15th largest in Russia. As the birthplace of the Russian navy (step aside, St. Petersburg), Voronezh also has some notable claims to historical fame.  

Bustling and busy, Voronezh is a city on the move. Modern high-rises blend easily with Soviet and czarist-era architecture, and a large student body gives it a youthful flair. The local cappuccinos are brewed to a standard a Brooklyn hipster would appreciate and the nightlife feels distinctly European. If you're into history, check out the local museums. Looking for a research topic? Get a library pass, and check out the local collection. Whatever you want, Voronezh does not disappoint. 

city coordinator