Working with Kristina, Katya, and Anna was absolutely fantastic, and the work was different every day, allowing my Russian to improve tremendously. I was also able to travel to surrounding cities on weekends and explore different attractions around Voronezh in my spare time. My host family (who were more like host friends :D) was so nice; it was a blast hanging out with them. My summer in Voronezh is certainly not one I will soon forget!

- Kailey K.  (Drexel University)

I have participated in a number of work and study programs in Russia, and Crossroads is by far one of the best. The experience has given me a great jumping-off foundation for further travel and work in Russia and other post-Soviet states. The work itself was fun and left a lot of room for flexibility and creativity. The program is well-executed, and the staff is extremely friendly and supportive at every stage of the process.

-  April G. (Georgetown University)

city coordinator

alumni feedback

where is it?

Voronezh is located an overnight train's journey south of Moscow (about 350 miles). However, we only ask that you get to Moscow. We will coordinate with you and our representative will meet you at the airport. After that, you will travel together to Voronezh. The train journey itself is a highly memorable and truly Russian experience.

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Voronezh is a typical example of a fast-developing regional center that has retained an honest, welcoming, and down-to-earth provincial character. Founded in 1584, the city has played an important role in Russia's history, which is evident in its varied architecture and deep cultural roots. It is home to just over one million inhabitants (15th largest in Russia) and a large student population, which gives it a young, energetic, and forward-looking feel.  

We recommend internships in Voronezh to individuals looking for maximum flexibility with regard to day-to-day program arrangements, maximum immersion, and an interest in a vibrant urban environment. 

My full-time work focuses on managing a non-profit that helps young [Russians] find volunteering opportunities in other parts of Russia and other countries and to connect with international students studying in Voronezh; we have many universities here! I am delighted to welcome you to our city and to give you a chance to meet people and explore.

- Milana Furman, Voronezh City Coordinator

What can I do there?

Quick facts

Location: Voronezh

City vibe: urban, vibrant, fast-paced

Internships offered: Teaching English, Translation